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After 14 months of being paused and so much change, things are finally starting to re-ignite. Events are popping up, and 2022 is looking bright. In fact, the Northwest Event Show will be back! We’re excited that the Northwest Event Show will be in person on February 9th at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center. The Northwest Event Show focuses on bringing together familiar faces and new friends alike in a space that fosters connections, laughter, and learning. We’ve worked hard to design a show environment that allows exhibitors and attendees alike the opportunity to create valuable connections. Exhibitors will be trusted advisors guiding attendees on best practices, trends, and more that will enable event planners throughout the PNW to create impactful events.  

Have you considered exhibiting at the Northwest Event Show? If you’ve felt the impacts of the last few years and are looking for a way to bring in new business and connect with the industry, exhibiting at the Northwest Event Show is just the opportunity for you. Below are our top eight reasons to exhibit! 

Northwest Event Show - Tradeshow Floor

1. Be Part of the BEST Industry Trade Show in the Pacific Northwest! 

The Northwest Event Show started in 1994, and every year, we find ways to make it new and improved. Because of this, it’s become the largest industry trade show in the Pacific Northwest. And, it’s an event that event professionals can’t wait to come to every year! 

2. Expand Your Customer Base

A tradeshow is a perfect way to expand your book of business, as long as you pick one your audience is at. The Northwest Event Show is a highly curated event created for and by event professionals. Our attendees are the best in the events industry. By exhibiting, you’ll gain access to top-tier event planners and decision-makers at some of the largest companies in the world. Exhibiting opens up a world of opportunity by allowing you to get in front of these potential customers ready to do business and expand your customer base.

3. Strengthen Relationships with Your Existing Customers 

It’s likely been a while since you’ve been able to meet up with your existing customers face-to-face. We’ve all grown accustomed to Zoom calls and emails, but there is power in face-to-face interactions. The Harvard Business Review found face-to-face communications were 34 times more effective than other communications like emails. Exhibiting will allow you to interact with your customers and gain critical feedback on your services and products in real-time. These interactions will help to build trust and strengthen your relationships well beyond the tradeshow floor. 

4. Blaze the Way for Industry Trends

Attendees visit trade show floors seeking inspiration, education, and the latest products in their industry. Exhibitors know this and design booths to meet these needs. Take note of other vendors’ booths and offerings so you can learn and grow. But, there is another unique advantage when it comes to exhibiting at the Northwest Event Show. 

As an exhibitor, you aren’t just taking it all in. You have the unique ability to influence industry trends and educate and help attendees. Attendees perceive exhibitors as industry leaders and trusted sources of advice. This helps elevate your brand and positions you as a thought leader in the events industry. Leverage this to your advantage by sharing new products and services with attendees, and help educate people on where you believe the future of events might go! 

5. Raise Brand Awareness 

Exhibiting at the NWES positions you as a leader in our industry. The show is well-respected, and as an exhibitor, you benefit from the established trust we have built with our attendees. 

As we mentioned before, the Northwest Event Show is the largest industry trade show in the region. Many high-profile decision-makers attend. Exhibiting at the show gives you visibility and a chance to display eye-catching logos, colors, and ideas that will stand out from the rest. Attendees remember a great exhibitor long after the trade show has ended, and the visibility you gain will help encourage future interactions. 

6. Your Competition Will Be There 

Make sure you have the same access to customers and prospects as your competitors do! If you aren’t talking to them, someone else is. But it’s not just about visibility! Being an exhibitor allows you to stay competitive and keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. Often you will learn competitors’ strengths and even weaknesses by observing them in action, giving you the intel you need to stay ahead.

7. Energize and Motivate Your Team

It’s been a rough couple of years for event professionals. So bring your team along and make them part of your booth to help energize and motivate them. We all know the magical feeling of a tradeshow floor and the excitement of getting to connect with so many industry peers. The experience will re-ignite their passion for this industry and inspire your team! Plus, bringing along the team allows every member to learn by staying up on the latest industry news, technology, and trends which is a win for all! 

8. Forge Business Relationships and Network with The Best 

Exhibiting isn’t only about finding potential customers and closing deals. Being an exhibitor allows you to create strong relationships with other event professionals and companies to expand your business opportunities and verticals. You can meet face-to-face with potential partners and even future team members that are highly qualified and excited to meet.  This is also an excellent opportunity to meet new suppliers to help with expanding your supply chain, and don’t we all need some help with that right now!

Are you ready to exhibit? 

Being an exhibitor at a top industry trade show will solidify your place as an industry leader and give you access to potential clients while strengthening existing relationships. It’s a great investment for your company that will positively impact you well after the show is over. Are you ready to learn more about how to become an exhibitor? Apply now to exhibit at the Northwest Event Show. We promise this is a fantastic opportunity to jump-start your business and gain exposure!