NWES is a CMP Preferred Provider and will have 15+ hours of CE credits consistent with CMP and CMM domains.

Keynote Breakfast

Kick off your 2019 Northwest Event Show with an infusion of inspiration from Keynote speaker Julius Solaris! Solaris is an industry leader and Editor of EventMB.com, and he’ll bring you the 2020 event trends you need to get ahead of the curve.

Available to VIP All Access Pass Holders. Wednesday, November, 13, 2019.



Event Innovation Lab™

For the first time ever the exclusive and sought after Event Innovation Lab™ by Julius Solaris, Editor of Event Manager Blog is being held in Seattle, WA.

The Event Innovation Lab™ is an immersive event planning training workshop aimed at high-performance agencies and corporate event teams looking to inject innovation into their events. The Lab™ brings the latest technology and trends in the event industry into service at the most challenging event environments.

Apply to attend the Event Innovation Lab™, presented by Julius Solaris of EventMB. Thursday, November 14, 2019. Limited Space Available, Admission by Acceptance.

Workshop Sessions

Led by industry experts, NWES Workshop Sessions offer focused opportunities for show attendees to get together in an informal setting to share knowledge and discuss issues affecting the events and hospitality industries. 

Interested in hosting a Workshop Session? Contact us info@nweventshow.com



Panel Discussions

The event industry thrives on creative ideas from creative people. We’ve gathered some of the industry’s most respected thought leaders to appear on the expo floor. They will share diverse perspectives on the industry’s hot topics and trends in events and hospitality. We are delighted to offer you rare opportunities to join these discussions for yourself.

Panel Discussions Include:

  • Event Trends & Design

  • Technology

  • Catering Trends

  • Business Development

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