Partnering to Achieve your Dreams

Thursday, Nov 14 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM | Room 2

CMP-IS Domain A: Stakeholder Management, 1.5 CEs

Janet McNaughton  President, Lasting Impressions

Janet McNaughton

President, Lasting Impressions

Presenter Janet McNaughton, of Lasting Impressions, draws from the movie “The Greatest Showman,” the brilliance of PT Barnum, Harvard Business Review and Transformational Leadership to provide an inspiring, thought-provoking and interactive discussion. Partnering to Achieve your Dreams focuses on finding and forming partnerships that turn your dreams into powerful results!

Explosive growth (personally and professionally) happens when we combine our resources, form connections and maximize our strengths. Accelerate your leadership and come learn with us.

In this session you will learn:

  • Recognize the magic of partnerships which are key to exponential growth and achievement.

  • Learn about the 3-levels of partnership.

  • Discuss why networking is just good business!

  • Get the Face2FaceX strategic connection approach and understand why communication doesn't necessarily equal connection.

  • Work on your goals for yourself, your team and your business!

About Janet:

Janet shows up in person or picks up the phone, to let you know you have a friend in her. She’s responsive online, all day and half the night, to keep your project moving in real time. She won’t hold you up or let you down. 

She’s curious, eager, and innovative. She believes in bringing people together to achieve great things. She has a gift for coordinating large initiatives across diverse partners. She thinks big but attends to the smallest details.

She loved sports as a kid and learned how strategy resulted in wins. She believes it works that way in business and in life. If you tell her about your goals, she can map a winning strategy to get you there. Janet’s a classic optimist. She has the experience and expertise to turn dreams into successes. She’s the real deal. Her values are solid. She will earn your trust.

About Janet McNaughton

Janet McNaughton is a promotional marketing consultant and provider: the whole package, from high level strategy to flawless execution.

As Founder and President of Lasting Impressions, Janet has built a reputation as a marketing partner. She can provide top quality branded merchandise and print collateral. Even better, she has the unique ability to hatch a winning concept, plan all the details, keep the project on track and deliver dazzling outcomes on time, on brand and on budget.

Lasting Impressions is well versed in business development, leadership initiatives, employee engagement, customer retention and the importance of compelling messaging. With over two decades of experience partnering with industries such as engineering, education, financial services, manufacturing, food & beverage, world health, and dozens more, Janet is a consultant first and a distributor second. She generates the most valuable and rare commodity-- ideas, with the most essential personal quality-- integrity.

As a graduate of the University of Washington with a BA, Business Management, Marketing and Management later followed by an MBEP Executive Education from the Michael G. Foster School of Business, Janet loves her Puget Sound community of business leaders. Janet has given numerous thought-provoking and inspiring presentations as the Founder and President of Win With Washington, a marketing think-tank that promotes leadership and supports entrepreneurs’ personal and business development. She is an NWBOC-Certified Woman Business Owner.

In a nutshell, here’s Janet’s philosophy: “Work Smart, Be Creative and Live Inspired.” She delivers on this mission for one compelling reason: to live her dream of offering a service that changes business outcomes and personal lives.

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