We’re in the middle of a tech revolution!  Technology today moves fast and comes with a set of necessary decisions.  Do you know where to start, and do you have the time in your busy schedule to dig into solutions that would help you – and your attendees – meet technology objectives?  From new registration and ticketing tools, to evolving mobile app features, digital ePosters, session tracking, chatbots, MarTech, and a range of options for BI and data analysis, this new tech landscape can be overwhelming to try to keep up with.  


Your attendees are also bombarded by innovative solutions, wearables, gadgets and apps every single day.  They see new smart devices or productivity apps and wonder “would that work for me?”  How can you drive additional value at your events by empowering them with the latest in devices, efficiency, organization and other business-oriented solutions via useful tech education?  The NWES Tech Bar has the answers.

The NWES Tech Bar is an approachable, interactive spot staffed by tech experts from The Meeting Pool – a company that has been powering unique technology learning environments at events around the world for over six years.  

The centerpiece of NWES Tech Bar is the Gadget Lab – a genius bar-style staffed counter with over 40 gadgets and wearable devices for you to touch, try and evaluate. From AR & VR to wellness trackers, The Meeting Pool team will guide you through a tech ‘playground’ that’s informative and fun. They’ll also assist with your personal app and device questions and can answer simple to extremely technical questions that you’ve always wanted to know but were afraid to ask.


The engaging Tech Bar component of NWES also features a packed schedule of 15-20-minute TECH Byte Sessions on hot topics poised to ‘up your game’ as an event pro by highlighting new solutions for planning tools, project management, collaboration, communications, alternatives to Excel, workflows, data dashboards and more.  You’ll get real-world, ready-to-implement options that take your planning skills and efficiency to new heights.

Embrace all the interactive educational options that this technology-rich event experience offers to enliven your personal life, professional endeavors, as well as your meetings & events.  Don’t miss the NWES Tech Bar!

What you will learn and experience at the NWES Tech Bar:

  1. Have access to authentic tech experts to answer your specific questions

  2. Learn about new and upcoming wearable tech for personal and business use 

  3. See and try out virtual & augmented reality glasses, gesture-based controllers, cool keyboards, and more

  4. Hear short education sessions on a range of useful apps for personal and professional productivity

  5. Get career-centric Social Media advice and insight 

  6. Get event mobile app help, support and recommendations

Use the space as a quick stop for charging devices, catching up on email, a central meet-up zone, and an uplifting hub of tech energy. All NWES pass holders will have access to the NWES Tech Bar.

What Attendees Think

TechBar/The Meeting Pool provided excellent support to assist streamlining my capability to navigate through the conference app. Also, provided great tips on utilizing tools on iPhone. Very friendly team and very supportive.
I learned how our organization can use apps and technologies to monitor our staff in the field who are managing transportation, housing and activities for our participants.
The Meeting Pool and its Tech Bar will bring you into an entirely new realm of endless possibilities. A must-see, must-stop at any convention exhibit hall.

About the Meeting Pool


The Meeting Pool is comprised of an energetic team of tech experts and enthusiasts experienced in creating and executing successful attendee interaction at a myriad of events.  Most Meeting Pool TECHbar staff come from Silicon Valley / The Bay Area, and have worked in and with top tech companies for years.  The team brings a mix of iOs and Android experience, in addition to being well versed in event tech, Blockchain and frontier technologies, MarTech, medical apps, business solutions, smart appliances and a host of gadgets, wearables, and other emerging tech trends.


Our clients expect us to be their trade show partner and their trade show expert. Our Seattle and Portland teams work with our customers throughout the entire process. We anticipate the details and manage the process to ensure a smooth and successful experience every time.

We don’t just know trade shows . . . we live for it! Over the past 25 years, we have been trusted by thousands of organizations to use our hands-on experience in creating successful trade show floor plans, marketing strategies, and exhibit design. We continually stay connected with the latest industry innovations so that you succeed.

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