TECH Byte Sessions



Apps and Gear for the Traveling “Road Warrior” 

1:00 PM | NWES Tech Bar

You are a road warrior – planes, trains, automobiles and venues are second homes to a travel pro like you.  This is a fun session that will unveil top apps, show you luggage you can ride, skate, and conquer tough terrain with, and introduce a few clever tools that will come in handy and help with productivity, traveling, packing, airport ease and more. Your next trip will make you sigh with relief from a stress-less travel experience.

Learning Outcomes:

  • See the newest travel tech – from slightly odd to super useful

  • Discover the emerging travel apps landscape

  • Learn the latest business and expense reporting tools

Smart Project Management Tools for Smart Planners

2:00 PM | NWES Tech Bar

CMP-IS Domain A: Project Management, 0.5 CEs

Having trouble managing a project?  Why not capitalize on platforms already out there to help us get organized, communicate more effectively and collaborate with our internal and external teams? In this session, we’ll delve into a few new platforms with useful features, show you how you can customize them to best suit your needs, and transform the way you plan and execute your tasks and milestones.

Learning Outcomes:  

  • Learn the top tools for managing projects and tasks

  • Understand best practices for getting team adoption and using these tools

  • Discover new ways to track and collaborate

Presentation Tools to Dazzle Any Audience 

3:00 PM | NWES Tech Bar

With slides, polls, quizzes, infographics, whiteboard animations and more, there are now so many ways to engage and inform an audience.  You and your speakers work hard to choose the right words and graphics for your presentations, but are you showcasing them with maximum impact?  This session will give you invaluable insight on tools and creative communication ideas you can use to enhance your events, train your presenters, and conduct more engaging meetings of any size with the newest tech. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Power up your tech and delivery for presentations of all types

  • Hear the latest in alternative approaches to a standard PowerPoint presentation

  • Make your next sales demo, speaking appearance or leadership meeting deliver the message in a compelling, highly visual fashion




Break Your Excel and Use the Right Tool for Dashboards, Collaboration and BI

11:00 AM | NWES Tech Bar

CMP-IS Domain A: Strategic planning, 0.5 CEs

Excel is great for equations but not for simultaneous collaboration. There are lots of tools that simplify business analysis, task management and communication. Take a look at some quick-start solutions that will help with needs like list management as well as some strategic functions including business intelligence, insightful dashboards and more that will convince you that Excel should remain with your finance team.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand different apps you can use instead of Excel for business functions

  • Discover new tools for business analysis, Gantt charting and dash-boarding

  • Leave with solutions that your team can use straightaway.


Robust Tools and Methods for Workflow and Productivity 2019 Edition! 

12:00 PM | NWES Tech Bar

Our most popular session!  From the Pomodoro Technique to the Eisenhower Method, plus workflow apps to new Inbox management tools, streamlining productivity has never been more of a hot topic.  You have so much to do and the same 24 hours to do it in. Join us in this power-packed session to learn new ways to approach the way your technology and processes work together to enhance your personal and professional life. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn some old-school productivity methods that can be combined with new tech and apps to help you save time and get more efficient        

  • Discover new workflow and automation apps ideal for the event industry             

  • Evaluate strategies for using these apps for business and personal productivity

Take Note with Digital Notebooks, Pens, and Speech Recognition Apps 

1:00 PM | NWES Tech Bar

Smart notebooks are hotter than ever with cool features like being able to use the microwave to erase and reuse.  Notes by hand with pen and paper have leveled up with a range of new methods of taking notes that still keep you squarely in the digital realm.  Hear some solutions for how you can get creative and colorful notes.  We’ll give you something to talk about with speech to text in this session where you’ll get the latest on keeping on top of your time and tasks with new, and unique, ways to take notes.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Cool new options for digital and analog note taking

  • Methods of easily incorporating mobile devices into your notes archival

  • Speech and handwriting recognition apps to go paperless!


Understanding and Leveraging the MarTech Landscape

More and more is being asked of event marketers today -- from advertising and promotion to content generation, social media management, and even managing the Attendee Experience.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to stick to manual processes or settling for spreadsheets.  Why not get ahead of the game and build a true event marketing enterprise by taking advantage of some of the many technologies at your disposal to help devise, track and achieve event marketing goals? 

Learning Outcomes:

  • See the landscape of new tech for content, social, commerce, data and more

  • Learn automation and integration techniques tools

  • Discover companies who specialize in MarTech ideal for event marketing


The Meeting Pool is comprised of an energetic team of tech experts and enthusiasts experienced in creating and executing successful attendee interaction at a myriad of events.  Most Meeting Pool TECHbar staff come from Silicon Valley / The Bay Area, and have worked in and with top tech companies for years.  The team brings a mix of iOs and Android experience, in addition to being well versed in event tech, Blockchain and frontier technologies, MarTech, medical apps, business solutions, smart appliances and a host of gadgets, wearables, and other emerging tech trends.

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