Workshop Sessions

This year’s show is amplifying its professional development roster to deliver industry experts and educational opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

Through a carefully curated mixture of speakers, interactive experiences and opportunities for focused conversation, our Workshop Sessions are designed to give you an extra edge personally and professionally to remain current and competitive in today’s marketplace.

Led by industry experts, these Workshop Sessions offer focused opportunities for show attendees to get together in an informal setting to share knowledge and discuss issues affecting the events and hospitality industries. Workshop Sessions will be held in Hall C on the 4th floor. Full schedule to be announced soon!

2019 featured Workshop Sessions


Partnering to Achieve your Dreams

Janet McNaughton  Lasting Impressions

Janet McNaughton

Lasting Impressions

Presenter Janet McNaughton, of Lasting Impressions, draws from the movie “The Greatest Showman,” the brilliance of PT Barnum, Harvard Business Review and Transformational Leadership to provide an inspiring, thought-provoking and interactive discussion. Partnering to Achieve your Dreams focuses on finding and forming partnerships that turn your dreams into powerful results! Read More, Click Here.

In this session you will learn:

  • Recognize the magic of partnerships which are key to exponential growth and achievement.

  • Learn about the 3-levels of partnership.

  • Discuss why networking is just good business!

  • Get the Face2FaceX strategic connection approach and understand why communication doesn't necessarily equal connection.

  • Work on your goals for yourself, your team and your business!

Converting Casual Conversations Into Sales

Nikki Rausch  Sales Maven

Nikki Rausch

Sales Maven

Converting Casual Conversations Into Sales teaches simple, yet powerful techniques on how to have more meaningful conversations that lead to doing business together. This training will cover how to increase your likability and credibility quickly when meeting someone new. Participants will learn to recognize subtle cues people give when they’re interested in doing business. Read More, Click Here.

Converting Casual Conversations Into Sales is for people who want to:

  • Increase likability and credibility quickly

  • Have meaningful conversations, even when someone has a different style than yours

  • Learn how to invite people to do business with you without sounding salesy or pushy

  • Recognize Buying Signals

  • Know how to keep the rapport intact even when someone tells you no


Melissa Majors  Melissa Majors Consulting

Melissa Majors

Melissa Majors Consulting

The servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first, and helps all people develop and perform as highly as possible. Women commonly experience unique workplace challenges due to lack of sponsors and mentors, balancing authenticity and assimilation, gaining and retaining power, being heard, increased scrutiny, etc.

However, women’s success is not just a woman’s issue. Without the avid support of men, often the most powerful stakeholders in most large corporations, significant progress toward ending gender disparities is unlikely.

During this talk, Melissa of Melissa Majors Consulting examines research, scenarios, and best practices for leveraging servant leadership in an effort to mitigate barriers to women’s success. This discussion is relevant for both men and women in manager and non-manager roles. Read More, Click Here.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Articulate the case for servant leadership as it relates to mitigating common challenges women face in the workplace.

  • Describe specific servant leadership tactics that can be used to overcome these issues.

  • Gain access to resources (infographic and pre-defined social posts) that can be used to continue the conversation with your network.

Closing the Generational & Digital Divide: Empowering MillenNials, Boomers, and Gen X'ers in the Workplace

Janet Granger  Two Beagles LLC

Janet Granger

Two Beagles LLC

Participants will learn:

  • The definition of Millennials, Gen X’ers, and Baby Boomers

  • What’s important to each generation with regard to work

  • How these different values create a range of expectations in the workplace and the conflicts that can arise, culturally
    Ways to navigate these cultural challenges

  • Examples of how to these challenges have been addressed successfully

  • How to create effective internal and external communications to these

How to Produce World Class Events With Inclusion & Influence In Mind

An executive hot topic: how to design inclusive marketing and event experiences to achieve your business goals by driving inclusion, influence and creating access for all.

What can you expect to learn from this session?

Chaitra Vedullapalli  Meylah

Chaitra Vedullapalli


  • Formulating narrative for your upcoming event with inclusivity and influence as a focal point

  • Do’s and don’ts of the inclusive event-based marketing

  • Becoming creative with your financial models

  • Assembly of a strategic team

  • Activating your influential networks – speakers, sponsors, and community organizers

  • Case studies – Microsoft Inspire & Women in Cloud Events

  • Smart Technology - data, compliance, technology for inclusive event marketing


Beyond Weddings: New Types of LGBTQ Events & Inclusivity in Every Event

Event planners know that diverse LGBTQ demographics have taken the wedding scene by storm. But did you know that there is an ecosystem of LGBTQ corporate, academic, community, and political events now coming online as well?

During this session, panelists will discuss a variety of topics including how companies and professional associations are a marketable demographic for LGBTQ event-planning services beyond weddings & personal functions. They will share tips on how to grow one's event management and/or creative services business in this area by partnering with LGBTQ chambers of commerce and professional associations. Read More, Click Here.


  • Kelli Bielema | Facebook & AirScream

  • Alex Liberato | Lane Powell PC

  • Ileigh Reynolds | Animate Objects Productions

  • Brock Rylander | Animate Objects Productions

Full Education Schedule Announced in September

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